Bad Day…

bad day

So today I am going to talk about my day… So this morning started off ok. I was wearing a new wig to work so I was kind of feeling myself. The day started off ok at work you know. prepping, cleaning, dealing with customers, making bread and cookies, and like we do every Friday… Waiting for the truck to come in so we can put it away. But today was a little different. We had run out of a lot of things so we really couldn’t do the full prep that we always do. But we made the most of it and prepped what we could until we got our truck.

Well after we got the truck and put it away I managed to finish the prep and help out with the lunch rush that we had at the same time. But what happened after that, is what pissed me off!!!

Now let me take you back to Thursday afternoon… I would say just a little after 2pm. We had just finished with a late lunch rush, and had run out  of almost all the prep that I had done that morning. So another co-worker and I were about to start prepping for night shift like we always do. But our new manager just decided to grab his shit and leave without even taking out the trash, or cleaning the lobby… So when my co-worker found out that he had left she became pissed. She desided to take it upon herself, and tell the owner that he had done this. Now because I have been in her shoes, I tried to tell her not to say anything because it was not going to help.

And I know that you are probably thinking “Well if this person just left you hanging like that, then you should tell the higher-ups, right?” WRONG!!!!!! As much as I wish that in some kind of fantasy world, doing something like that would mean justice, but sadly this is the reality that we must face. As soon as my co-worker told them what happened they got upset and pretty much told her “Well if he didn’t do it, then you need to do it yourselves.” The whole thing just blew up in her face.

I honestly felt bad for her. Because we went from having a manager who made sure that mid and night shit were taken care of before he left, to someone who doesn’t even care if we burn the building down after he clocks out! Well I thought that would be the end of it, but I was DEAD WRONG!

And now that brings me to today. Not too long after our lunch rush the owner calls another co-worker into the office. Now this person has been working for them for a very long time. And from what she has told me they have done her dirty more that once, and yet for some odd and crazy reason she continued to stay.) Well after they are done talking with her they say that they need to talk to me (mind you i’m thinking that we are going to talk in private.), they pull me into the back where my other co-workers were and proceed to bash me and the co-worker who told them in the first place.

The co-worker who they spoke to in private threw us (me mostly) under the bus. And the moment I realized this. She told them that the person that comes in right after the person who opens needs to do all the prep all by them selves. But in the same breath she looked at my other co-worker and pretty much said that she and her do it together on the days that they work. Now this is a woman who can’t even get the paper work finished before the store is opened… and it takes her almost an hour to do a bank run….

So I had to stand there and be talked down to as if I was a child! Trust me when I tell you I was not happy. The co-worker then looks at me in confusion, because she could not understand how things went so left, But I knew. She got fussed at because she told and I got fussed at because I don’t prep enough. But in my defence I can’t prep like I want to! The worker who threw me under the bus, when we work together she gets in my way. I constantly have to stop what I am doing, and take care of customers, or check the bread that she is supposed to be working on. She will be standing right in front of customers doing paper work, and instead of stopping she will just ignore them. So I have to stop what I am doing to help them. But if you tell her to actually do her work she will get mad at you and talk shit about you to the other co-workers. And then to make matters worse we dont have enough pans to use, or room in the cooler!!! So I have to go and check the front line and see what i can swop out, so I can wash and use the pan. But if you ask the owner for something new, they get pissed about it…

But in the end I took my tongue lashing like a gangsta! Even when that old funky looking bitch leaned into my face and asked me if I had anything to say. I kept my mouth shut. I learned that if you try to speak the truth to people like them, they will do nothing but twist your words and shove it back in your face… But honestly at this point I don’t give a flying fuck about what they got to say! I start my CNA class on Monday. So they better enjoy me while it last!

I mean I did have a little moment where I wanted to cry out of anger, but I had to remind myself that I am better than this job. I was not going to let some bitter old woman steal my joy, all because she wants to play house nigga to some old white lady. Now I don’t mind working hard, but when you are trying to make it so that I can’t have time for myself or my family that is when I have a problem. As a business owner (especially someone who owns more than one location) You should know who your good workers are and who the bad ones are. I mean this woman has people who walk right out of her stores!!! Now the way I see it. Something aint right with that!!!

My owner even got mad when I told her that I signed up for my class! She told me that she wanted to make me work nights at her other locations. I am a single mother of two and I have two brothers also who live with me. I don’t want to be away from my family for too long. And when I got hired I put on my application that I did not want to travel either, and yet they are trying to make me work crazy hours and at different places.

I am truly thankful for my brothers, because without them I would be homeless. They know that I would not be able to pay the rent for my house on my own. When my mother passed I took on the lease, but I still can’t afford it. I used the last of my refund to pay up the rent for a few months. But with all the other bills that come into play and the fact that i am Piss poor. I would not be able to make it on my own.  I don’t get paid what i am supposed to, and I don’t get breaks, but they are taking it out in taxes… All of her employees are underpaid and overworked!!!! I know one of my co-workers, who has been there for 5 years is getting paid less than me!? And he got hired as a manager!!! Now tell me how does that sound to you? This woman honestly does not know what she is doing, but because she has money her little world is ok.

The way that is see it is like this. No matter how bad of a business woman she is, people are alway looking for work. So for every two people that leave, four people will come… I just want to be able to leave that hell hole with my head up high looking at my bright future ahead!!!

Well until next time!

Just A Girl Writing~!~


It’s time for a Diet!



Okay! So as you all know summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means!!!! Beach, road trips, shopping for swim suits, and other wonderful things that summer has to offer. But this is the problem that many of us are facing “lack of money”. If you are like me then you have no money to enjoy the season. And with that being said, you know that it is time to shed a few unwanted pounds… spending pounds!

I know that it sounds like a lot but I think that it will help in the long run! This summer is going to be really jam packed for me. between working, school, kids, and brothers I know that my summer is not going to be worth anything, lol. But I am ok with that! Because I only want one thing this summer and that is to see my bank account grow! So my goal is to put a stop to my “little”…okay BIG pleasure. Food has taken over my money! I love to cook, but when I get home from work I don’t really think about it, and with all these new wonderful apps that have all my favorite eating spots. All I have to do is go on my phone or computer and get what I want!!! But I will be putting a stop to that this summer… or at least I will try to, lol. Another thing that I have a problem with is buying hair care products. Now that I am fully natural I am looking for the right products that are going to help my hair become healthy, and grow. But it is hard to buy those things when you don’t have the money to spend. I just cant help myself! I go to the beauty supply store and just start looking around, then POW! I find something interesting on the shelf. Then before I know it I am standing in line with about five items that I know I don’t really need.  Only to get home and fuss at myself because I bought all of that.

I am going to have to stay clear from the beauty supply stores until I save up enough and when I finally run out of everything that I bought. But I do have one way (outside of keeping my money in my account ) to save a little extra money on the side!


One way that I am saving is by piggy bank!… Or pickle jar if you are cheap like me. Any time you get change or bills, just put it in the jar! And don’t count it! I did try this once before and I got my jar half way. Well when I finally went to cash it in I had up to $36.00. I had that all in change! So I started it back up and I am almost to the top! If things keep going good Then I might be able to get up to two jars!!! Well That is all for now I will keep you updated on how my progress goes. I mean even though I want to save more money this summer my main goal is to cut down, if not stop eating out! So wish me luck!

Well until next time, and make sure to use them “Piggy banks”~!~

~Just A Girl Writing


When is it time to change?

Hello everyone!! I know that I have been missing in action for over a month, but sadly I had a reason. My mother finally passed last month, after losing her fight with cancer. It was a very long year last year, and we were thinking that she was going to make it through but sadly that didn’t happen. I am still dealing with the after effects of losing her, but at the same time I know that I have to go on. Not just for my sake but for my children and brothers as well.

But even though that happened that is not what I am writing about today. A few days ago while I was at work, I got an unexpected visit from an old coworker. I honestly didn’t recognize her at first but after a few moments I realized who she was. We chatted at I made her food for her, but while doing that I couldn’t help but ask her how her schooling was going. She told me that she had finally finished school and that she now had a job as a manager at UNCW. I was really happy to hear that from her, because I remember when we worked together she was working really hard on trying to finish at the community college and was trying to transfer to a university. So trust me when I tell, I was extremely happy for her.

We talked for a few minutes more and then we said our goodbyes. But it wasn’t till after she left that I had this strange feeling. The smile that I had on my face was gone, and I started to feel really sad. “Why am I feeling like this!?” I found myself asking. I walked around for almost thirty minutes trying to understand what was going on with me. Then it hit me like a nail on the head. I had was feeling depressed. The fact that I saw her didn’t cause me to feel that way. It was the fact that she had her life together and I didn’t. I mean before she came in I was getting happy over the fact that I might be becoming a manager soon. And while that is a good thing it is also a bad thing. I have so much more that I want to do with my life and yet I am stuck working my fingers to the bone making next to nothing.

I am always stressed out and too tired to even enjoy the company of my own family. But the question that keeps forming in my mind is this. “What is it that I am doing wrong, that everyone else is doing right?” This question keeps making my heart very heavy every time I think about it. Now I don’t really know what my friend went through while she was in school, but whatever she did to keep herself going it worked. I wish that I had more time to talk with her, then she might be able to give me some advice on what it is that I am missing. Because at first I thought I was dumb, but then I realized that that wasn’t the case. So it has to be something else, but the this is what???

The only other thing that I can think of outside of money, is time- management. I must not be as good as I thought I was. So if I am going to finally get my shit together and start making a way for my kids to have a better future then It is time for me to get on the ball and roll!!!!! I have goals that I want to see happen starting next year. Like I want to finally have my own home, finish community college, and go to a university. I want to have at least half of these things done before I hit the big 30!


Well till next time This is,

Just A Girl Writing~!~

Your mother did what!?

Okay so I wish to apologize in advance to anyone who might feel some type of way about this post, but this is something that I just could not let go! Today was my day off and just like any other day that I have off, I am spending time with my mother who is watching daytime television. Now  just like any other person in this country I enjoy letting my mind get endlessly drained by shows like Jerry Springer, Maury, and the Steve Wilkos show. But for some reason today was different… I am sitting with my mother watching the Steve Wilkos show just like I have done before. The episode in question that was on today was about people who were stealing from family and what not. But this is not the issue that I had, the issue comes right as they are getting ready to go to commercial. They show a preview of what the show is going to be about for the next day (tomorrow). And that is when my stomach just started to turn… The show that is going to air tomorrow February 16, 2017 will showcase a mother and daughter who just so happen to have an incestrious relationship with each other…

Yes you heard me correctly. Incestrious, meaning that they are screwing each other! Now when I first heard this on tv I just assumed that I heard it wrong, but when my mother looked at me and asked me if I had heard the same thing that she had just heard, I felt that I just had to look this up! Thinking that this was just some kind of hoax that these two jackasses were trying to play on the world to get famous, you know like that “cash me outside, how bout dat?” child. But thanks to the wonderful power of google I came face to screen with the most disgusting video I have ever seen in my life! I will post the link below but let me tell you this. If you have a weak stomach and care enough about your eyeballs and subconscious then I advise you not to watch this video. Honestly I wish that I never laid eyes nor ears on this damn thing…  Here is the link to the video below…

Now in this video you have the daughter starting off by saying how she is “sick of people asking her if her mother has been molesting her since she was born.” Only to have her mother quickly and proudly say “Yes I have.” Then this child turns around and says that it is ok for her mother to do those things to her, because she is her mother’s child. And that because her mother gave birth to her, she is her mother’s property. Then her mother chimes in and pretty much says that if she doesn’t have a man giving her the kind of pleasure that she wants then if she is feeling horny at any point in time of night, then it is her right to go in and pleasure her daughter… And to prove what she is saying to be true the mother then pulls out her daughter’s breast and starts to suck on it… This is making me want to puke just thinking about it.

Well the whole video is just down right nasty. But the worst part has to be at the end. The daughter makes a statement trying to justify their actions only to have her mother get pissed off and beat the shit out of her right on spot. Now when I first saw the video I thought this has to be fake, but then I decided to see if any other videos of them has surfaced, and let me tell you…Yes there are other videos of these two jackasses. But in most of them the daughter looks like she is not happy at all. Any time that the mother is making her do something sexual she looks very unhappy.I personally think that the girl kind of knows that this is wrong, because in the video she says that she has tried to fight her mother off only to be overpowered by her mother in the end.

I really wish that I could see the episode that is going to air tomorrow, but sadly I have to go to work so I won’t be able to see what this episode will be about, But I am hoping that this woman will end up in jail after this because in the video she also proudly mentions that she was doing this to her daughter at only one and a half years old! And then had the balls to call the girl’s dad a punk ass bitch for leaving them because she wanted him to do that shit with her.

Now I don’t know where the dad is, or if he even cared enough to try to save his daughter in the first place, but this man needs to be slapped. This man knew that this woman was unstable and yet he did not even try (that we know of) to get custody of his own flesh and blood? I could only imagine all the torment that poor girl had to go through after he left them. All the beatings, and sexual advances that she had to endure all because he couldn’t take her with him… As a mother this is something that really breaks my heart. That poor girl really thinks that she is having a close bond with her mother, but the moment her mother finds that one person that is going to rock her world she is going to be thrown out in the cold like nothing. And I even came across another video of them still talking about their “relationship” saying that royalty has been doing it for years “keeping their blood pure” And while that is a known fact in history what they don’t want to talk about, is how a lot of them had problems both mentally and physically.

What I truly think is that this woman had something happen to her as a child and she just got it stuck in her head that it was something that was ok to do with her own child. We are living in a world where we can no longer leave our front door open without some sicko walking in and killing us, and yet we have people like this woman walking around thinking that what is doing is ok. But even though I was disgusted I still kept researching, and I came across a website that they share. Now the website is not free you have to pay for it, but as I read the “about us” section I found some very interesting facts….

  • They are mother and daughter “Adult entertainers”
  • They claim to be vegannographers (really not sure about this one)
  • They claim that the bond started when they decided to become vegan (This makes me scared to eat a carrot now)
  • They are claiming that they are only doing this to share their new-found knowledge, love for mother earth, and for each other with the world.

Now if your are not really understanding anything that I just posted then join the club! What I think is  that they are just trying to get famous, but the molestation  is real. And if they are using this as a joke then they both need to be sent to jail! molestation is not something to play with. And they should be punished in the worst possible way that anyone could think of….


If you have anything that you would like to say on the matter don’t forget to drop a comment below. I would really like to hear your input on this matter.

Until next time,

~Just A Girl Writing

Thirty days of Gratitude!?

You know. Lately since the new year started I have been in a very negative space. And yet I was getting up every morning and trying to put on this fake smile and act like everything was going just fine in my life. But my harsh reality is that everything’s not fine. My life right now as I know it is in full on suck mode!!!! All I want to do is sleep, eat, complain, and stress about stuff that happens every freaking day! And you know what? I am getting sick of it. Between my crappy job, kids, dealing with my mom, school, and now having to deal with my car insurance company over an accident that was not my mother’s fault, I feel like my walls are closing in. And to top it all off I need to find a place before the summer hits, because I am looking to move!

I keep telling myself that everything is going to be ok. And that everything is going to work out in the right time, but even though I am telling myself this, in my heart I know that I am not believing a single word that I am saying. So my Question is this… Just how in the freak am I supposed to change this feeling!? That is the question that I always find myself asking. Now see I said that I was no longer going to do the whole new year resolution crap that we all like to do. But now I am feeling like I should have.

Negativity is a very powerful emotion that we all have inside of us. And more often than not we end up letting it consume our everyday lives. I mean think about it for a moment. From the moment we get out of bed till the moment we lay our heads down at night. Negativity is always waiting in the shadows looking for the right moment to show its ugly face! And this is what I am getting sick of!

So I have decided to fight fire with fire. No longer will I sit and let this awful emotion cloud my judgement. Bring fear into my heart. Or make me feel any worse than I already do! I am literally the type of person who has something bad happen to them in the morning then they automatically start to think that it is just going to go down hill from that one little moment. It is just not fair! But it can’t be helped. I know that I am truly guilty of letting that negativity hit me up side the head like a rock. But just because I let it hit me the first time, does not mean that I am going to let it hit me a second time!

And so that is why I am going to try and attempt the 30 days of gratitude!!!!! In this thirty days I am going to try something I have not done in years, be nice to people! I am going to try to live a more peaceful life for the entire challenge. And if you are wondering why I am doing this, Well the proof is in the pouding. Let’s say that you have a coworker who always has the best of luck with everything in their life. They have good credit, have a nice car ( or have a car in general), bills are always paid, and so on. When you look at them you hardly ever see them angry, and if you do it is only for a few minutes at the most. So you always find yourself looking at them wondering…”What the fuck are you so happy about all the damn time?” Well that my friend is how the power of gratitude works! People like that are always thankful for every little thing that this world has to offer. And if something negative tries to come around them they seem to dodge it.

I think that it is time for me and #you to take the plunge and just do it!!! I mean we are only in the second month of the year and things are already getting off to a bad start in the world. So at this point what do #we really have to lose?  I know that this challenge will be tough but I believe that we can get through this. Being positive is something that we all need to start doing anyway, so why not give it a shot! I just hope that this will be a learning experience for all of us in the end!!!!! Until next time.

~Just A Girl Writing

Update on my life (Work Rant)

Okay so I know that I haven’t been up here in a few days. but I have a very good reason. As you all know I am in school and as of right now it is really kicking my butt! Okay it is not that bad but still, I am loosing sleep over this stuff, lol. And the other reason is the fact that I had to take a few days to cool off before I came up here. You see I am a manager who just so happens to work at three different stores. Now one of the stores that I work at, has a manager who I dislike with every fiber of my being. He is short, balld, creepy, and a lazy kiss ass bum! This jerk got hired to be a manager almost ten years ago and has worked at eight different stores. Now the thing is, it is not because he is good at what he does, the problem is, that he is so bad that they have no choice but to move him to another store because he is such a screw up.

Now I know what you are thinking probably thinking “Well you work at three so doesn’t that mean you are bad too?” And my answer is no. The only reason I am working at three other stores is because one is my main store, and the other two they only have one manager each. So I am there when they are not. But my thing is this. I understand that every store is different, and that not everyone is going to be the best at anything. But if you have a person who comes to your store and is trying to do all the things that you do without overstepping their bounds, how do you treat them??? Do you treat them like crap, or do you try to talk down to them like they are stupid? Or do you walk around and say nasty things about them under your breath???

This is what I have to deal with at one of the stores. I work morning shift at this store, So that means I am there at five something in the morning until two in the afternoon. I open the store, help prep, bake bread and cookies, and put the truck order in. I do all this stuff, and I also help with money. Now with that being said, I have two people who also work with me on morning shift. I am not going to say that they are lazy but all they do is moan and complain about nothing!!!! They do their work, but whenever I am around they want to try to treat me like an outsider, or like im stupid. The fact that I have to put on this fake smile and have to deal with these people is killing me! But I continue to tell myself that it is only just for one day, and that I don’t have to see them again until the next week, But still!!! I really wanted to kick one of them in the head the other day! I even asked my boss who put me there, why are they such pricks!? (and I was trying to put it nicely.) All she could do was just laugh, but she knew what I was talking about. She even confirmed something about one of them that I kinda already knew.

She told me how this person had no personality. And I was like “yes! That is what it is!” Looking at this person is like looking at a blank wall! If you do to ask this person a question, they will give you this blank stare, then trun around and say something sarcastic to you. Now if I wasn’t trying to be a peaceful person, I would have been cussed this person out. But because I need this job (for now) I have to play nice with the kiddies… All this fakeness that I have to do is starting to give me wrinkles!!! I don’t want to look forty when I turn thirty!! I am trying to keep my feelings in check but after that day… I think I need  to have a long sit down with my bible! Every time I leave that store I am more stressed than when I first went in! I wish that I could say screw that place and ask them to put me somewhere else, but I don’t want to be put anywhere else. I know that the only reason why I am there in the first place is so that I can get my hours and help out, but sometimes I wonder is the stress of that place even worth my hours…

I mean my mom is about to have surgery soon and I don’t want to stress her out with all my stress from work. But if I don’t find a way to stop letting them get to me soon then this is not going to get any better for me or her… If I could just get away with kicking one of them in the face, then all my problems would be ok!!! Until next time.

~Just A Girl Writing

Update on my life (life of an introvert)

Today is Friday the 13th!You know I really didn’t have such a bad day today! Outside of the usual customers that get on my nerves I really had a good day! And I got my insurance renewed for another year!!! So Glad I dodged that bullet, lol. And seeing as how I am off tomorrow, you know what that means??? I don’t have to leave my house until six in the morning on sunday!!! I get to ignore the outside world and just binge watch as many scary movies as I choose. And it seems only fair that I would start watching scary movies on Friday the 13th! I really think that Netflix and Hulu are trying to stop me from my class work! lol. I mean they must be watching me through the tv and taking notice that I am trying to pass this very important class that I paid for,lol.

Oh and just to let anyone out there know. If you are looking sign up for a class that is online and you have to pay out of pocket. Make sure to ask the proper questions before you buy the class materials. I went and paid for my E-textbook and was able to stat doing my homework right away. Now as I read my syllabus I was told that I was going to need a passkey. So I went and bought that online just like I did with the text book. Well after I went to my school’s bookstore I got home and opened it and tried to use it, but I could not remember just how to do it, so I emailed my instructor and the website that we were using in hopes that someone would reply to me soon enough. Well the next they they both replied. And they both told me the same thing… “If you bought the book with a credit card then you don’t have any need for the passkey.” Well most might think that would be fine and all, but my stupid self opened the passkey and took it out of the package!!!! So now I am STUCK with a $64.00 piece of paper that I can’t return!!!!!! You know I really think that my instructor should have put that in her syllabus! “If you buy the book with your OWN money, then you don’t need a passkey!!!

I mean it is really not that hard to  put just those few simple words in it!! So now I have spent money that I can’t get back!!! And I haven’t even paid for the other half of the class yet! But I don’t know if I said this yet, but I do like this class better than the first American Government class I took. I understand it more and I find it more interesting as well. But I am happy to say that I am one month ahead on my homework and I am going to take my first test tomorrow!!! Now my test really ain’t until next month, but I want to take it now so that I can start on the rest without feeling rushed. Thinking back to when I first started college in 2014 and how I am now, and with dealing with what I got going on at work, I know that I am now in a better mind space, and that I can focus more on what I have in front of me. I think that it is safe to say that I am really learning something! When I start to read a new section and I come across something that I don’t understand I want to look it up and find out more. I have never been this interested in anything like this before!

But I actually have a customer that told me something that made me better understand my school situation better. “All things are more important to you, when It is coming out of #your pocket.” And I couldn’t agree more with that statement. When I first started I really didn’t try to  pay enough attention to my classes. I was only concerned about getting my check from the school, so I could buy stuff. But now that I don’t (can’t) get financial aid, and it is all coming out of my pocket I  am trying my hardest to make sure that I pass this class. But like I say my first test is sometime next month, but I want to do it tomorrow; Now I have two choices when it comes to this test. I could either cheat or I could study some more and try to pass this the honest way! I am really starting to lean toward cheating, lol. I know, I know. You are probably thinking “But you aren’t going to really learn anything if you cheat.” But this American Government class is kicking my butt!!!

I know that I told myself that this year I was going to change some things about myself just like everyone else in the world, but this is so hard!!! Now I see why I give it up every year. But I think that I am going to surprise myself and actually do what I set out to do. Now if I can just start telling people no more when it comes to working then everything might be alright…I highly doubt that at this point. I am loosing a lot of sleep over the fact that I am studying all the time. But I will say this! Even the smartest person in the world likes  to take breaks from time to time. And right now today and tomorrow (outside of the test) I will be catching up on some much needed rest.!!! I just pray that I do pass this first test. If I fail this class I cant get my money back, So I at least if I pass I know that I put my money to good use!!

I really don’t have much else for this blog because I am really into the haunting in connecticut. And so I am not really even trying to right anything at this point. But I hope that you all will join me next time when I talk about how my bosses make me sick!!!

~Just A Girl Writing

Happy new year!!

Hello everyone!! I am so sorry that I have not been on since last year, but I am here to say Happy New Year! This year has already started off with a bang for me! I just got back into college! Now at this moment I am only taking one class, and I am paying out-of-pocket for this class too, lol. The class cost $272.00 bucks. And that is for the class only. The book and access code were a total different price, which I had to pay for those as well. I am not happy with the fact that I have to spend my money (credit card) on this stuff, but I also understand that it is my fault. If I had just did what I was supposed to do in the first place and study properly then none of this would be happening! But sadly I got lazy and this is my end result… TO ALL THE NEW COLLEGE STUDENTS!!!! YOU MIGHT THINK IT IS ALL FUN AND GAMES NOW, BUT WAIT TILL THEY CUT OFF YOUR FINANCIAL AID!!!! THAT IS WHEN THE REAL NIGHTMARE BEGINS!

I have so many things planned for myself this year. And I am just dying to tell people, but I decided to keep all of these things to myself. You see every year I start to talk about all the things that I plan on doing for the year to near about everyone that I see. And just like every year after I tell everyone nothing happens. Well this year is going to be my year of change!! I am going to practice on keeping my mouth shut when it comes to my goals and dreams, and just do them! All I want if to finally be able to do what I have always wanted to do!!! And after the day that I had at work!…I know that it is time for me to make my move and make it now!… or at least in the next couple of months, lol. And If you are like me, then I think that this should be our new year’s resolution. Keeping quiet about what you are doing is not a bad thing. Most people think that if you do not shout it from the roof tops, then nothing good in your life is going to happen. Well I think that it is not true! As long as you and the universe knows what you want to do, then that is all that matters.

Don’t worry about what the person next to you is doing, because trust me they are not worried about you. And for some of them who are; they only want to know just so they can have something to speak negatively about. So this year we are not going to give those people the satisfaction of knowing just what is going on in our lives. Make them sweat! Starve them out of your life and keep pushing toward what #you really want to do!!!

~Just A Girl Writing

P.S: Pray for me!! This is my third time taking this stupid class!!! I just want to be done with it!!! And I have another class that I have to retake as well. All of this I have to pay out of pocket!!!!!!